4 thoughts on “Beautiful Heresy 101 – Unpopular opinions: Polygamy, Premarital Sex, Women’s Ordination and Wife-Beating

  1. “Similar to the Eastern Orthodox view of marriage, I see marriage as being an eternal sacrament which has a permanence which survives death. ”

    My only query here is why the words “Unto death do you part?” The marriage bond is dissolved by the death of one or the other spouse. The Catholic Church has already informed the faithful that there will be no marital relations in Heaven. Spouses on this Earth, if both end up in Heaven, can be friends. That is all. Now, I do not know if the Church’s statements down here serve to structure the rules in Heaven or if the Church is merely the messenger (but then how did it come by this message?).

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    • My reading of the actual words involved is that people will no longer be given and taken in marriage, however whoever was married during this current earthly life will remain married in heaven and the new creation. Marriage is like priesthood: it is an ontological change in the soul which can never be revoked.

      The words “Until death do you part” are best understood in a Lutheran sense. The two spouses are taking vows (ie, making promises to each other). However these promises are necessarily rendered conditional by the fact that we die. Death does not dissolve the marriage bond, however it does serve as a conclusion and limit for the marital vows, as it is not possible for someone to make promises that will last beyond their own death.

      So death releases spouses from their marital promises, but it does not actually dissolve the marriage. The marriage is an eternal reality which will persist unto the ages of ages.

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      • That is a bit troubling considering all the unhappy marriages that have and do occur. Many spouse would not look forward to an eternity with their spouse if it was an unhappy marriage here on Earth. But, perhaps I misunderstand your reply. Thanks for your reply.


      • Part of my understanding of heaven and the new creation is that it involves perfect reconciliation between all parties. My parents are divorced for example, and my mother absolutely hates my father. However i’m confident that in the eschaton they will have perfectly forgiven each other for everything and be living in harmony again. Sure, their marriage was terrible while it lasted, and right now they don’t want anything to do with each other, but the good news of the gospel is that there will be a total reconciliation. The future can only be good!


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