2 thoughts on “Ecclesiology – The Great Schism: Eastern Orthodoxy and Western Catholicism Standing United

  1. We think the date given by many historians for the Great Schism is 1054. The final straw was when the papal legate upon visiting Constantinople and seeing married priests celebrating the Mass condemned the married priests for handling the Eucharist with lustful hands. Afterwards, both the Pope and the Patriarch of Constantinople excommunicated each other. That said, the schism may be as you say only partial and not total.

    (It is a pity that the term lust has been misunderstood and its true meaning twisted over the centuries. Lust does not refer to merely being sexually aroused or desirous, but involves covetousness. This is important to bear in mind because the purpose of sexual morality is not to desexualize the individual. Asceticism and celibacy do not make a person holy by default.)


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