From Heat to Hiding, Hibernation to Hallucination. Waking up under the school library and Walking home under lightning. Through my strange world, I find myself here. Where is this? This is here. A bridge lies to the left and a tunnel ends at my right. Where is here? My house if I can believe my … Continue reading Trains

When a Devout Christian Attends a Rave and Takes MDMA

Flying From The Divine We found ourselves among the magenta lights, Swimming in the ocean of fireflies, Dancing in the galaxy of vibrating embers. A certain kind of bliss. But not the blessed happiness. I saw you sitting before me, sipping an ice cold rivet, slightly nodding your head as the band before us exploded … Continue reading When a Devout Christian Attends a Rave and Takes MDMA

Objective and Subjective Salvation

I think it is helpful when approaching the Catholic/Protestant debate concerning salvation and justification, to draw a distinction between objective salvation and justification, and subjective salvation and justification. This is another application of absurdity: the seeming conflict between God's eternal perspective and our individual subjective perspectives. In this case God's perspective is the objective salvation/justification, … Continue reading Objective and Subjective Salvation

Free will and Apokatastasis

Absurdity The French philosophy of Absurdity, as I understand it, can be summarised thus: All major philosophical issues are defined by a tension between two perspectives. The first perspective is the perspective of God, known as sub specie aeternitatis, Latin for "Beneath the gaze of eternity". The second perspective is our own, individual, human, subjective … Continue reading Free will and Apokatastasis