When a Devout Christian Attends a Rave and Takes MDMA

Flying From The Divine We found ourselves among the magenta lights, Swimming in the ocean of fireflies, Dancing in the galaxy of vibrating embers. A certain kind of bliss. But not the blessed happiness. I saw you sitting before me, sipping an ice cold rivet, slightly nodding your head as the band before us exploded … Continue reading When a Devout Christian Attends a Rave and Takes MDMA

Objective and Subjective Salvation

I think it is helpful when approaching the Catholic/Protestant debate concerning salvation and justification, to draw a distinction between objective salvation and justification, and subjective salvation and justification. This is another application of absurdity: the seeming conflict between God's eternal perspective and our individual subjective perspectives. In this case God's perspective is the objective salvation/justification, … Continue reading Objective and Subjective Salvation