The kiss, playful and testing at first, then committing to penetration with the tongue. At first I feel surprise, but then dive in and the kiss turned full body as we drew our bodies closer and closer together. We were melting into each other. I was losing my breath, she was losing hers. It was … Continue reading Ecstasy


This word This word osmosis It sounds so awesome. But its meaning is piss; The definition of boredom. Green mushroom clouds are brought to mind and firework shrouds I do hope to find. Red water, purple rain; the essence of dreams which can destroy all pain. But this is not what it means: "Osmosis is … Continue reading Osmosis


We were Sitting down at lunch one day, Me and Ba, and Scott and Ray, Being Happy and merry (But never gay) Until Shank decided to come our way. The conversation quickly turns, To that which makes the stomach churn; Hot chicks, porno, renticle tape To make shank stop it, we give him a shake. … Continue reading Formal